Here’s More About The Classes In Quake Champions

Here’s More About The Classes In Quake Champions

The second the title credits rolled on id’s reboot of DOOM, all I could think of was how great it would be if there was a similarly faithful remake of QUAKE. And then Quake Champions was announced. With classes.

Still, I’m prepared to give it a shot. And while id’s latest video doesn’t show how the game works in action, it does at least explain a little about how the classes operate.

It’s a quick two minute primer on the champions in the Quake reboot. The two main takeaways is each character’s “active ability” — namely the option to either teleport, phase out, activate a Widowmaker-style x-ray vision, or charge.

There’s no word on whether the abilities are restricted to each character, but it seems likely given the way Willits talks that each of the classes has different attributes.

More about the game will be revealed at Quakecon, which kicks off from August 4.


  • I loved the teleporting power up in Q3A was such a great way to get out of a jam. That and when you tele-fraged someone. Many lols I had with that.

    • Was one of my favourites, next to standing behind a portal and shooting people in the back when they stepped through

  • I’m kinda mixed on how I feel about this quake. I’m still gonna play it, cos quake, but why do they always have to go with classes?! Isn’t there enough division in this world without making more virtual ones? :p Still, at least they haven’t said anything about weapon limitations on the champions, so not true class style, but still kinda… ugh..
    Fingers crossed it will still really feel like a solid quake game.

  • Would be good if they’d give the option to play class or classless with matches, that way the purists can enjoy an unmodded gameplay style whereas the more adventurous and progressive style gamer can enjoy the class based scenario. Wouldn’t imagine it’d be too difficult to achieve, and would probably increase sales based on the overall flexibility of the gameplay.

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