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As some of you correctly divined, Mark's Scribble special on Friday was Metal Gear Solid. It was from the Game Boy version, although that didn't seem to throw people.

But it's Monday. Which means time for a new ScribbleTaku. Let's begin.

Not too difficult to start the week. Monday is painful enough as-is, so no torture scribbles here.

Good luck everyone! And remember, if you want to submit your own just email them through.


    Looks like Elite style radar to me. Elite. Possibly the Archimedes version perhaps... Perhaps.

    Spectre Supreme (or possibly the Challenger version) on for the Mac.


      Yep, that's what I came to type. Haven't played the new one much, but that could be the original radar.

        Not enough lines in the radar. Go for the Archimedes version or a sequel methinks.

    It looks like Final Fantasy VII. But that'd be too easy wouldn't it?

    Old battleship game on either Mega drive or NES i cannot remember the name of it though and most likely wrong anyway.

    I'm thinking it might be a radar from a sub game, so going with Harpoon.

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