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Yesterday's ScribbleTaku had a bit of a theme to it, and that was the Olympics. But rather than Summer, I went with Epyx's Winter Games. Casual Prolix was the first to correctly pick up on that, so well done.

There's a bit of a theme with today's scribble as well. Let's see how you do.

I have a hunch this might be one of the hardest scribbles I've ever done. But we'll see how it goes.

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    Well, it's a truck with an arrow pointing under it so maybe it's to do with that guy that strapped himself under a truck to escape to Europe. Snuggle Truck?

      I think you mean Smuggle Truck. Snuggle Truck was something completely different... Kinda like Love Island only with 18 wheelers.

    Based on the arrow at the bottom I'm fairly sure it's a point-and-click, so maybe Full Throttle?

    Was there a Ladder 51 game tie in?
    otherwise I'll go: Truck Mechanic Simulator 2016

    Edit: perchance the arrow is referencing the North Melbourne delistings and the fact they were "thrown under the bus" ? :P
    I've got the feeling this is some co-op arcade shooter.... Time Crisis?

    Last edited 24/08/16 1:56 pm

    Looks like a firetruck..
    Maybe something like Tonka Firefighter, or Tonka Search and Rescue?

    crazy taxi or that plastation 1 game where you fought vehicles

    Twisted metal thats it / vigilante

    Last edited 24/08/16 6:42 pm

    Match box Emergency Patrol 2?

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