Shadow The Hedgehog Is My New Favourite Character

I'll be brutally honest. I was not born with the ability to craft a sanitary turn of phrase. My darling mother, as precious and lovely as she was, ensured that I grew up with the mouth of a sailor.

It'll come as no surprise, then, that Shadow is now my new favourite character.

Thanks to Eurogamer, everyone has now discovered that Shadow has a surprisingly, well, Australian reaction to what happens on a football pitch.

That is to say, he drops the c-bomb every time something doesn't go his way. Or he seems to drop the c-bomb. It sounds bloody close to it.

Have a listen below and judge for yourselves. With headphones, perhaps.

I knew I liked Shadow for a reason.


    I can't even tell what he's supposed to be saying,maybe it's just supposed to be jibberish but they didn't play it back before throwing it in the game lol

    Maybe Shadow should have been on the offensive side.

    Thank you.. i'll be here all week.

    Still my favourite take on him:

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