The SNES-Themed 3DS Compared To An Actual Super Nintendo

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that a SNES (the Super Famicom) themed New 3DS XL would be released in Japan. Those who ordered are finally getting the portable, and now we can see what the handheld looks like next to a Super Nintendo. [Images via KyokoTakase]

First, let's check out the hardware itself, which evokes the Japanese and PAL version of the console:

Super nice, eh? Let's see how it stacks up to a SNES in these photos from Twitter user Kyoko:


    That is sexy.

    Though at the end of the day it's still an nXL, so bleh :P

      It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it.

        The size kinda does matter when it's oversized.

        But even then, the regular XL is much nicer than the nXL.

        Last edited 04/08/16 6:38 pm

          I'm only disagreeing because the transfer cost me 200 hours of Animal Crossing but it was worth it because of a nub.

          Don't take this away from me.

            Ouch. My condolences. I lost all my everything and a couple thousand StreetPasses thanks to a botched update attempt, so know dem feels.

            Though Circle Pad Pro > the nub, imo :P

              It's the resolution right? Right? Standard n3DS is the sweet spot according to you weirdos right :D

                It's everything! Resolution makes for a better pixel density on the smaller screen, the smaller form factor is better in the hands (though the curves of the 3XL are much more comfortable to hold than the more squared design of the new models, particularly the nXL), the cart slot on the n3DS is at least pretty much flush with the system unlike the nXL which is just this awful chunk taken out of the edge. And while I can't recall if I tested it out with the nXL or not, but at least with the 3XL the sweet spot for 3D isn't anywhere near as sweet as it is for the smaller unit.

                Also faceplates are cool.

                  I have some awesome face plates in my collection. Much prefer that to the fixed look of the biggie.

                  @cubits Which ones have you got? I only have the plain red ones (wow they are so much brighter than I thought they'd be, practically neon) and the Mario Maker ones. Haven't taken those out yet, because a friend was talking about the print ones being somewhat prone to scratching, so I'm a little afraid now. Plus the red ones are beautiful matte :P

                  Wouldn't have minded the Splatoon ones though. And would love a woodpanel set, but not the dinky Mario-patterned ones. Just plain classic 70s style.

                  @mrtaco The wood finish ones were the first I got, just because I love the texture.

                  Then I paid SO much for a primal groudon set, because it's red suede. So amazing!

                  But now i'm rocking the xenoblade monado plates. They're awesome as hell and not that precious.

                  I also want to pick up a monster hunter set, but I only kinda like one design so far.

                  @cubits Oh yeah, I wanted those Xenoblade ones but then forgot and they disappeared behind the scalp gate :P Good to hear they're doing ok though.

                  Curious about the suede ones - they haven't ended up all grimey have they? When I heard they were suede it made me think they'd just end up gross before long.

                  Oh, I really wanted the Majora set at first, because purpley awesomeness instead of that stupid gold XL. But then seeing them in person, the print quality is kinda crappy. Disappointing.

    Chances of this released in Aus? I have the OG DS but this could convince me for new 3DS

    The first special edition ds I've ever wanted, and it never had a chance here.

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