Nintendo's SNES-Themed 3DS Is Just Beautiful

Nintendo's SNES-Themed 3DS Is Just Beautiful

This was announced as part of Japan's Nintendo Direct yesterday. It's a New 3DS XL that shares the colour scheme/design elements of the timeless Japanese/PAL Super Nintendo. America, because their Super Nintendo was purple and gross and sucked, will likely never get this. But with a slight change of wording on the back, maybe European and Australian fans can hope?

Oh, who am I kidding.


    I am yet to own a 3DS but if this came to Aus I would seriously consider it. So cool!

    I almost hope it doesn't come to Australia... Already have too many amazing 3DS variants to choose from haha. For real though, Nintendo sure know how to pander to their audience!

    I just bought a 3DS, so I'm kinda hoping this *doesn't* come down here so I won't feel frustration that I don't have it :P

    I swear Nintendo stays afloat on the backs of nostalgic kidults who fucking hate having money; how else do you release the same shit over and over again and stay in business.

      The way everyone else does it? Microtransactions in full priced games, season passes, paid demos, early access, and preorder bonuses.

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    I don't like the feel of the nXL.

    But I need this.

    "America, because their Super Nintendo was purple and gross and sucked, will likely never get this."
    Too right. Their SNES was indefensibly worse than ours, and yet I've seen people try to defend it.

    Think of it like this. Greed, Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple. Which one of these is not a M&M colour?

    I've been wanting to get a New 3DS for ages. I was leaning towards the regular sized New 3DS because it had the coloured buttons, but if this got a release here, I would be all over that.
    Heck, they can even release it as is, no need to change the words for the overseas market, the super famecom looks cool enough.

    Can Japanese N3DS XL play aus released games?

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