A Star Wars Fan Film That Makes You Feel Bad For The Stormtroopers

Usually, stormtroopers are a prime target for derision, mockery and the general amusement of all. And then this fan film came around, and now I feel like a dick.

The film is Jakku: First Wave, and it focuses on a conversation between three stormtroopers just before heading into the battle of Jakku. It's not a film about effects, staging, sets, or anything particularly fancy: just some well shot stormtroopers, fretting over their lives.

It's a clean, smart effort. And it's only 3m 30s long, so you might as well watch it now.

The movie is the only one Benjamin Eck has uploaded to YouTube. Not a bad way to start, though.


    Nice. Another good one is 'Troops', a parody of 'Cops' with storm troopers.


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