Fans Are Keeping Battlefield 2142 Alive

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It's almost ten years since Battlefield 2142 was being touted as a bold step forward for the shooter franchise. And while its futuristic take on military warfare has largely gone ignored by EA and DICE in subsequent releases, fans haven't let Battlefield 2142 die.

The game is being kept alive through a project called Revive BF2142, which officially released late last week. It runs on the same infrastructure that the Revive Network is using to keep Battlefield 2 playable, meaning you can download one client and have access to a (small) suite of fan-run servers for the classic Battlefield titles.

It comes at an incredibly opportune time for EA, which shut down servers for the older Battlefield titles in June 2014. It's a nice little signal boost for the franchise ahead of Battlefield 1's launch next month, and there's nothing stokes the fires for gamers like a dose of old-fashioned nostalgia.

Ahh, how I've missed that old spawn selection screen.

The revival project is fantastic for LAN parties too. Battlefield 1942, 2 and 2142 were always great fun at larger events like SGL, Valhalla and Respawn, and the accessibility of a fan creation makes it a lot easier to get going.

I could only see the one Australian server at the time of writing, although with a bit of interest I can see a few more popping up before too long. If you're interested, you can get the Revive client from the BF2 Battlelog website. You don't have to play online though, with a feature to run around versus bots just like the good old days.

It will download all the files necessary to get BF2 or BF2142 going, but it'll also work just fine if either game is already installed.


    The Australian server has been ticking along at mostly server pop cap which has been pretty sweet.

    There is one problem it might have for EA though; 2142 shows just how bland BF3, BF4 and BF1 are, especially in the teamwork department.

      Aussies are still playing it? I guess I'll give it a go. I have a disc copy of the game.

        Launcher downloads a full copy of the game for you. No ownership required.

          I installed the game with the disk. Game didn't work with the launcher, found out I had to manually patch it.
          So I'm just downloading it now.

    I spent over 336 hours playing this game loved it... Thrashed it!

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