Gorgeous New GTA V Mod Is The Work Of One Person

Grand Theft Auto V, already one of the prettiest, most immersive sandbox games to-date, now has a mod that turns everything up to 11.

The GTA 5 Redux mod not only improves things like lighting and contrast, but also little, slightly more morose details like how NPCs act as they're falling to the ground after being shot.

And it's all the work of one person: Josh Romito.

"The entire project consists solely of edited game files and data. Xml, meta, dat, and texture files! No scripting was done for the development," said Romito in a recent AMA on Reddit. "All features were made possible, only by editing the core game data files."

Originally due out late last month, the project was ultimately delayed due to hackers. As Romito explained at the time:

"Last week my home network and computer was hacked, and Redux compromised. Everything has been secured, although some data has been lost in the process.
... this will not prevent the project from being released in any way, it is merely a small delay. I have multiple external backups of the project, and what was lost will be back up in no time."

The mod is finally out now, however, and includes more than just visual improvements. Based on the mod's trailer, some of GTA V's features that were tweaked or added by Romito include:

  • 4K textures

  • Simulated global illumination

  • Removal of environmental blur

  • Re-textured roads

  • Additional life-like debris effects

  • Military is now the "5 Star" response

  • Police AI have new load-outs

  • Corrected vehicle weights and suspension

  • Higher deformation limits for crashes

  • Pedestrians reach for objects as they fall

Romito is especially proud of the new "Euphoria Physics," at least according to what's showcased in the trailer. It's a testament to the long hours he no doubt spent working on Redux that I feel physically exhausted just looking at.

Only in video games would the vehicular manslaughter of multiple people be a shining example of someone's labour of love (or obsession).

You can watch the mod's official trailer, created by Ocean Powell, above, with a link to download it available on Romito's YouTube page.


    Roads look too perfect. Like they're all freshly paved

    This has been discussed across several forums. A lot of the Redux mod had scripting stolen from another mod.


    Could not get this working for the life of me. Might check back in a month or two and see if it is more stable.

    People are reporting that a lot of the work in Redux is taken from others and uncredited.

    Also it's not modular so it won't play well with other mods.

    Another modder who thinks oversaturation and excess specular makes things look good, wonderful. The fact he's stolen content from other modders is pretty damning, but the fact he's plastered his name over just about everything that can possibly fit it in the files, videos and website tells me this guy's a top-class douchebag.

    Does anyone know if you can just get that updated euphoria physics part as its own mod? I was sitting here thinking that this mod is just another boring graphical update that isn't worth worrying about, but then that euphoria part was absolutely beautiful. Makes the physics more like GTA 4, which were way better than 5's.

      You're welcome ;)

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