Instead Of The Game, Here's A Trailer For The Last Guardian

I don't see The Last Guardian's delay as tragic, or even difficult to deal with. I just find it hilarious. Hilarious and strangely comforting. If anything I'm anxious about having to play a game I've been writing and talking about for so many years.

So, here's a trailer. Relax, The Last Guardian is still an abstract concept that doesn't quite exist yet.


Also: the game still looks good.


    Finally, a trailer for the most anticipated release of 2011. I know that this has my expectations aaaaall the way up.

      Well I'm expecting Iko and SotC meets a giant dog.

      What are you expecting?

        Man I would LOVE a full remake of SotC or a sequel in a new engine (Unreal 4 or something). I mean I love the art style in these games, but I kinda find it weird that the Griffon is somewhat life like, while the boy is cartoonish :/

        A Halo clone with RPG elements and platforming puzzles.

    The longer we wait, the longer the dog stays alive xD

    My wife preordered the collector's edition for my birthday in July, and now I almost don't get it until xmas. :(

    looks great... and more or less exactly the same as it's looked every time they've shown it for the last five years. I hope they are delaying to give it a 4K mode for the PS Pro like another user suggested. That'd be nice. (Except then I'd have to buy a 4k TV AND a PS Pro.)

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