Here’s How Much The iPhone 7 Costs With Telstra, Optus And Vodafone

Here’s How Much The iPhone 7 Costs With Telstra, Optus And Vodafone

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, and Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this week caught your mind, then you might like to know how much it’ll cost.

Here’s the basic breakdown: if you want to buy the phone outright at the time of writing, the least you’ll have to spend is $1079. That’s what the entry-level 32GB variant will cost, and if you want the base model of the iPhone 7 Plus it’ll set you back $1269. There’s 128GB and 256GB models of both, with the most expensive being $1569 for the 256GB model of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Most people, however, will end up getting their handset through a plan. At the moment, the cheapest offering is through Virgin Mobile, although that’s due to a plan that only offers a paltry 300MB of data a month.

How much you end up paying will be wholly dependent on how much data you want, and for a breakdown of all of the prices our friends at Gizmodo have got all of the plans from Optus, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and Telstra:

This Is Telstra’s iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Plan Pricing

This Is Vodafone’s iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Plan Pricing

This Is Optus’ iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Plan Pricing

This Is Virgin Mobile’s iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Plan Pricing

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  • My quick comparison, my wife wants to trade in and upgrade for a iPhone 7, 128gb, which with 8gb+2 bonus data, and unlimited calls/txts is $113 with Telstra.

    I’m getting the 7 plus, 128gb, with 15gb of data, unlimited calls/txts, for $113 from Optus. So large phone, more data for the same price…

    • Telstra has better coverage among other things. I’m with Voda and my brother is with Telstra and when we were driving from Adelaide to Sydney my phone was constantly out of service while his was in service a majority of the time. Other providers are cheaper than Telstra but you get what you pay for.

      • Telstra has better coverage in rural areas for sure, but I don’t live in a rural area so I don’t need that better coverage. I used to always speak positively about Telstra, as yea it was a premium priced service, but I always had good customer service and good service from them, but it has gone downhill drastically in the last 5 years or so and I can no longer justify paying that premium price for poor service.

        • I live in Adelaide so I have virtually 100% coverage with Voda so, like you, I’m good. It was only during my little 3 month stint in suburban NSW where I found out just how inferior Voda’s coverage was. I couldn’t get service in my own home unless I stood on my patio. Fortunately, Voda allowed me to freeze my service for 3 months while I lived there and I popped in a Telstra pre-paid sim and got full coverage.

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