How Final Fantasy XV's Heroine Changed Since Last Year

Video: At this year's Tokyo Game Show, we got a new Final Fantasy XV trailer. Just like we did last year! Know what that means? Comparisons, that's what. [Image via 2ch]

Via 2ch, here is how Lunafreya Nox Fleuret stacks up in the 2015 and 2016 trailers. She's changed considerably over the course of the game's development, but with FFXV's impending release, we finally get to see last minute tweaks and her near-final iteration.



    Given that they were adding massive realism for the Kingsglaive movie, not a surprised that lunafreya in game model was updated base on Kingsglaive too.

    The update makes her look more 'realistic' but I prefer the older version. Same as I preferred the older version of Lara Croft in the TR reboot before they updated her (not the update that made her look like her VA, the one before that).

    Hard call,
    I like both but I dislike both.

    The 2016 version defiantly has some feature which really pop out such as the skin detail and the hair 'physx' but I really like the lighting and shadows from the 2015.
    The eyes really stand out to me but I think thats more to do with the lighting effects

    Just like every character in Soul Calibur IV, Lunas 2016 model looks like she has pedo eyes. But just like Letrico was saying, I can understand the change. But it doesn't mean I have to like it. So I'm at a loss really. I want the old but I'll begrudgingly respect the new.

      What on Earth does "pedo eyes" mean?!

        You probably don't want to know & you probably don't need to know. Be happy about that & carry on man. ??

          Was it a mighty boosh reference?

    2016 has more detail and comes closer to reflecting reality with the slight sinking of her eyes which adds more emotion or 'tiredness' to her look in that scene. Kinda preferred the slightly less detailed look in the 2015 shot if only for that scene because it makes her look a little more uncaring and dismissive of the mook with the gun in her face.
    Left looks like she's off to get shit done, right looks like she's off to get shit down but she's had a hell of a day to deal with beforehand.

    She has really big hands.

    When I look at the right side picture I can't help but think - have you lost a lot of blood?

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