I Can't Believe JB Hi-Fi Reviewed The Good Guys

Because they didn't. I made this. I'm so sorry. My handwriting is terrible.

But come on! Give me some credit! This is a pretty damn good representation.

As you are probably already aware, JB Hi-Fi purchased The Good Guys for $870 million.

Can't wait to see JB Hi-Fi reviews stuck to fridges and ovens. Make it happen!


    Top meme. Would reference again 5/5

      I think you mean 7/5

        I think you mean a perfect 5/7

        Edit: SNAP!

        Last edited 13/09/16 11:38 am

          It's been a while. Memes move so fast, I can't be expected to remember them all!

            As long as you always remember Harambe

    I'm picking up good good good good vibrations and excitations from this article, Mark.

    Na, na, nanana etc.

    Is a highly complimentary business one that you can pay to say good things about everything you do? ^_-

    "I paid $870m cash, I paid less." - JB Hifi

    JB Hi-Fi already sells fridges and whatnot at their JB Home store in the Pitt Street Mall. The reviews are pretty excellent.

      They sell them online as well. Apparently it's their fastest growing category, in terms of revenue.

        Large appliances is JBs largest category overall, making up around 1/3rd of their revenue (more if you count small appliances which are in most stores). They have more turnover of Fridges, washing machines etc than both Computers and TVs combined.

        The only issue they've had is most people still don't know they sell them.

    their customer service just keeps on getting worst and don't ever expect a good warranty service from them because they will give you the worst ever

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