JB Hi-Fi Totally Refers To The Xbox One As 'XBone' In Its System [Update With Screencap]

JB Hi-Fi has the most amazing staff reviews of video games and, despite the fact its young staff members freak this old man out with their fancy tattoos and strange piercings, I've always had a good experience in-store. I guess what I'm saying is that JB Hi-Fi is hip to the internets, they're down with the kids and they understand what's going down in the street. So much so that in JB Hi-Fi's internal systems the Xbox One is actually being referred to as the 'XBone'.

Yep, the unofficial nickname of Microsoft's next generation console is now so widespread that the Australian retail giant has actually put 'Xbone' as the name of the console in its inventory system. A couple of staff members in separate stores nervously confirmed that, yes, the Xbox One is called 'Xbone' in the system. One claimed said that JB Hi-Fi was in on the joke, but another claimed it was a harmless abbreviation and not linked to the fact Xbox One is being referred to as 'Xbone' across the web.

I say it can't be a coincidence.

UPDATE: An anonymous JB Hi-Fi staff member has sent a pic of JB's inventory system, complete with XBONE!

Thanks to James Swinbanks for the tip!


    Worst nickname ever. It's not even remotely clever.

      Are console nicknames supposed to be clever? I personally just want something short and easily identifiable. Xbone seems to fit best from the suggested nicknames that I've seen *shrug*

      it's hardly a nickname, more of an abbreviation. As was stated above.

      Xbone is a great name... All the people that by one are being boned by M$

    I remember when I worked at EB Games, pre-owned copies of Velvet Assassin were abbreviated in the system to PO-Velvet/Ass.

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      I used to work in a place where we had an 2 way hat, 4 button, analogue joystick in our system as:
      2 way 4 butt anal joy.

        I don't even know what that is yet I still feel strangely compelled to buy it.

        I think i sold one of them this morning. Mind you, I work in an adult shop

      Apparently when Sony (-Ericsson) released their first Xperia phone, the X1, it's debut Telstra release was delayed because they had to change the internal code for it from SEX1

        it didn't delay the launch, but when they created the pre order codes in the system they came up as SEX1. By the time the actual launch came around they had changed them all to SERIX1 (or something something)

          Ah ok.
          Probably a good thing they didnt prepend "PHONE" to distinguish between device types as it'd have come up as "PHONESEX1"

      I remember when assassins creed pc came out and the code was ASSCREEPC

      Yea, at GAME it was ASSCREE. Another was for a Wii Pony game PONYWII. My casuals used to chuckle at selling this to people, while I cried in the corner at having to do another 12hr shift.

      we had a guy at our workplace who's PC login was Butt Jam & another guys user ID was Ass**

    its young staff members freak this old man out with their fancy tattoos and strange piercings

    I've always assumed there's some minimum quota of tattoos/piercing you have to have to get a job at JB to start with. It's like that restaurant in Office Space which required employees to have a certain number of "pieces of flair". But for tattoos.

      Went to JBs

      Got served by a girl with an amazing abundance of tattooed clevage.

      Bought Hyperdimmenion Neptunia.

      She looked at me like I was the biggest deviant ever.


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        I love the "alternative" crowd, they're so open minded.

        To be fair you are a deviant for picking that up. You should have got the lunchbox limited edition direct from NISA like I did!

      My local JB barely has any of that. Most of them are tattoo & piercing free apart from a few of the girls.

      I worked there for 3.5 years. I have no tats or piercings at all. It mostly comes down to which manager does the hiring. (plus lots of people who happen to have tattoos apply to work there)

      Just like how it's not a REAL coffee unless it's been served to you by a malnourished pierced freak in a tiny black t-shirt.
      "I spat in this one."

        I get my coffee from a place full of workers like this. They're actually awesome, all of them have amazing memories. The main cashier guy will just scan a crowd of people standing there and tell the barista what the orders are. He then takes everyones money at the same time and then hands out the correct change in one go. They don't ask for names and they never write on the cups what the order is either.

          sounds like every hawker restaurant in South east Asia

          Pretty sure there is a Louis CK bit on this. Makes me laugh every time.

            Are you referring to the "That nigger just made the shit out my coffee!" bit?

      well, actually there are only 2 ways to work at JB. You need to know somebody who already works there (manager) or you can be hired during September to work for Xmas as a XMAS casual and they may keep you on full time. It has nothing to do with tattoo / piercings etc... JB also has gamer nerds without tattoos.

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    i pre order my xbox one day of release at my local ebgames and the console was under the name XB720 and the controller was under XBNG. Has changed now tho to XBOX ONE CONSOLE etc.

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        Kind of my reaction to the idea that people are preordering the abomination already. c.c

      XBNG i though of XBong straight away
      they would attract a specific gaming demographic with that name for sure

        You mean Call of Duty players?

        Well you can get achievements for watching tv or eating Doritos..

      you pre-ordered it? dayum... to each his own i guess :)

    I’ve always had a good experience in-store.

    d00d at local JB did me a good deal recently on Atelier series of JRPG b/c "no one else wants to buy them anyway". I thought that was nice.

    MS won't be happy... they have a document on how it should be referred to for publications... maybe shop advertising doesn't fall under that

      From what I understand it's only called the Xbone on their internal systems, not advertising

      It's not shop advertising, it's their *internal* inventory system. ie: when it is looked up on their computer, it is listed as xbone. It's not something which is public facing at all.

        ah yep ok... they can't have a problem with that... its pretty bloody funny however

      I think that was for MS's marketing people - if you don't work for MS you can call it whatever you want.

        Nope, it's the terms and conditions Microsoft applies to their resellers. Though it only applies to publications and not what it's called internally.

    That's so predictable....

    no big deal they'll have XBox 360 as XB360 and One as XBONE..... whaaaaaaaa

    JB Hi-Fi are pretty cool peeps. Cute girl there sold me The Big O seasons 1&2 for the entire cost of season 1.

    It was in the system as "Xbone" since the official announcement, 360 consoles are in the system as "XB360" so it's basically just a continuation of that. Total coincidence, but had to laugh when I saw it.

      As I mentioned above.. They are listed as X360 not XB360.

    "XBONE - the viral name which only little children on the internet find funny".

    (Press the down vote button now, please. Thank you!)

    #lifeoftheparty #woop!

      I upvoted you because I dont like that tone of voice

    I'm still calling it the sh*t box for westerner gamers with no hope of pleasing any fans of the east.

      Would that be because only about 1.5 million people in Japan actually owned one so they decided to say "F*#@ it, lets focus on the region where we sell 24 million MORE consoles and they like us"
      If the Japanese embraced the Xbox then more stuff would have be made for the eastern market. They didn't.

    Ive been trying to get momentum on this for a couple of years now so can we please, PLEASE start referring to the PS4 as '4Play'?
    Hello. . .

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