I'm Very Excited About Dark Souls 3's New DLC

Dark Souls 3's new DLC, Ashes of Ariendel looks great. From Software's track record on DLC is super stellar. Actually, From Software's record on everything is stellar.

I can't wait to play this.

And I say that as someone who regularly ignores all DLC. I move on to new games pretty quickly, but Dark Souls 3 is just so good. The world is just so well put together that I can't say no to a second dip.

The timing is good for me. I'm about two thirds of the way through my New Game +. Currently fighting The Nameless King. Can't wait to see what the new DLC has in store.


    Actually, From Software’s record on everything is stellar.

    Everything Souls, you mean? Because they've made some stinkers in their history.

      Like PC ports.

      And patch notes.

      And poise.

    Nameless king!? No shield, no rolling :)

    Super excited for the new DLC, making a new character for it.

    Whats the eta on the second DLC?

      Video says 25/10/2016, might be the Japanese date if they stagger those releases or not.

      Edit: Oh 2nd DLC? jumping the gun there.

      Last edited 22/09/16 11:11 am

        Yeah apparently there will be 2 lots. I'd prefer to jump back in with both to play.


    Tell him I hate him.

    cant wait for this pricsilla boss fight bloodborne style

    Probably the only game I would be over joyed to get ANOTHER season pass for next year, 2 dlcs isnt enough time to kiss my sweet prince goodbye :(

    I'm excited for this, hoping that the DLC is going to be smaller in scope than the main game. I hope this means there'll be more clever level design, a la DSI short cuts, as opposed to having bonfire's thrown at us, a la DSII/DSIII

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