Metal Gear Survive Gets 15-Minute Demo And Lots Of Dislikes

Konami sure is trying. Gotta give them that. But if YouTube likes are any indication, loads of people aren't feeling Metal Gear Survive. As Kotaku UK previously explained in great detail, Metal Gear Survive is a co-op stealth game in which you sneak up and kill zombies.

During the Tokyo Game Show, Konami showed off 15 minutes of gameplay (below). The clip has racked up nearly a half a million views, over a thousand likes, and over 17,000 dislikes.

Some people dig this! But lots of people aren't exactly happy as evident by the YouTube comments and dislikes.

Not everyone, though! There are folks who are approaching the game with an open mind. Here's a smattering of comments:

When asked about whether or not the game was his idea, Kojima recently said that he had nothing to do with it and that the game didn't adhere to how he saw Metal Gear.


    if YouTube likes are any indication

    How many did the latest CoD get again, and how well did it sell?...Pretty safe to say YouTube likes mean nothing.

      It hasn't come out yet so... no idea how many have sold.

        Use the latest CoD that came out then...the dislikes still apply. Makes no difference because people buy games based on the franchise, content, how good the game actually is etc...not based on a single trailer.

        For AAA games anyway. Indie games with bad trailers tend to tank pretty heavily.

    Yay for resident evil clones ..... oh wait ......

    Isn't this pretty similar to Red Dead Undead Nightmare? That was a kinda ok game. If they don't ask for full retail then this is just a neat zanny add-on type deal.

      You know full well they will ask for full retail. It's Konami...What else are they doing besides not porting Pro Evo Soccer properly and ballsing up pachinko machines?

        Wasn’t Ground Zeros or whatever it was called $49AU when it launched?

        This certainly won’t be any less than that!

          Closer to $60 I thought but you are right I'd expect a full rrp of $99-109

          Indeed! And Ground Zeros was basically the equivalent of releasing the above 15 minute game demo on a disc and flogging that.

          Oh wait, no....NO! Konami, ignore what I just said. Please?

    Would've probably gone over better if they'd separated it from the Metal Gear brand, but advertised it was using the FOX engine and had similar gameplay elements as MGSV

      It's quite possible that this started out as its own thing, and the Metal Gear name was added later on the basis that it would increase sales. And let's be honest: it probably will.

    Seems like most of the hate is just because it carries the metal gear name.

    fanboyism aside.
    Even though this looks like early footage (beta?), The game looks very jankey / scripted / linear and zombies have been done to death making this feel somewhat stagnate and old.
    Two things I really dislike about this type of game is 'press X to kill' scripted action sequences (yes deus ex, your just as guilty) and although the landscape looks vast you are bound to tight scripted paths limiting actions.
    All up this looks too restricting and the style not very fresh or unique.

    It just seems Konami is missing the point of what makes Metal Gear so good - the stealth. If you're going up against real people they patrol, look for suspicious activity, can be tricked a bit but become sceptical etc whereas zombies just aren't as fun to sneak up on or stalk because they're mindless. It's why games like Dying Light and Dead Rising don't have sophisticated stealth mechanics; because it's just about hacking away at mindless meat sacks.

      I think this comment sums it up for me. If it were humans or at least some equivalent of, I'd probably be more interested.
      The "zombie" fights in MGS5 were the least fun part of the game. The numerous ways you could tackle people was the enjoyment.

      And it didn't have to be that way either. There have been games that married stealth and zombies really effectively - The Last of Us, for example.

    Didn't hate it but didn't find it very interesting either to be quite honest. Seems to sit in that 'Oh... another zombie game, whatever' territory for me.

      Yeah thats what I was thinking. I like MGS and all but it seems MGSV was built as a platform to spew out missions in an open world. It's lacking the story, progression and quirkiness of previous titles.

      This though? Yeah just another Zombie survival game using the same engine as MGSV. They could just as easily take the MGS branding off it and call it something else.

    You know this looks like to me? Glorified tower defence. Everyone's standing in a walled off area while a bunch of enemies run at them, and they have to defend as long as they can by shooting and building stuff. I could buy a game with mechanics that aren't much different from the App store for like $3 and their probably going to flog this shit for full whack. It just smacks you right in the face as being a massive cash grab by reskinning MGSV...

    It doesn't even make sense, Metal Gear is about infiltration and stealth. Stealth's not even necessary here, even in the first half where they are sneaking around (whereby they snuck into the place that gets overrun with zombies for no apparent reason....). It was probably easier to leave all the mechanics in there from the MGSV engine. Is there going to be a undead Metal Gear (since you have to have one as it's called Metal Gear Survive) piloted by ozmosis or some bullshit? No wait, maybe the zombies have somehow evolved to the point where they can pilot bipedal tanks? Either way, after the reveal trailer I wasn't overly impressed. After watching this gameplay trailer, I can guarantee I'm not buying this garbage.

    Sorry, its not even so much about being Metal Gear, since I knew they were going to continue the series, and I was interested in what they were going to do post Kojima. But I just loathe tower defence and zombie games with a passion.

      Is there going to be a undead Metal Gear (since you have to have one as it's called Metal Gear Survive) piloted by ozmosis or some bullshit? No wait, maybe the zombies have somehow evolved to the point where they can pilot bipedal tanks?
      Dr. Zomboss!

        Ok, I'll concede, if Dr Zomboss is in the game I'll buy it. :P

    This easily has the easiest solution to any gaming controversy:

    Drop the Metal Gear part of the name


      Too late. And probably a bad idea anyway. While people are gonna hate the game because it's an affront to the MG brand, it'll still sell more copies than if it was Generic Zombie Stealth Simulator: The GameTM.

    Preferred the PEGI version over the CERO version. Being able to understand the VO was a plus.

    id pay $5AUD for it.
    and even then ONLY if ZEKE is in the game, either as an ally, or Controllable ala Rex Vs Ray in mgs4.
    again ,heavy emphasis that id refuse to pay a double-digit price, and given the stuff ive heard about Konami's blatantly stupid treatment of their staff, and how long it took them to realise that alienating their market base outside of japan (i.e upwards of 80% of their potential market PERIOD) was, drum roll, bad for their share prices,even $5 might be a bit much... >.>

    Anyone that considers YouTube comments to be a legit way to measure success has serious issues.
    It is an absolute pit of stupidity and toxic garbage.

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