Podcast: The Good And Bad Of Destiny: Rise Of Iron

Podcast: The Good And Bad Of Destiny: Rise Of Iron

Rise of Iron is in our hands, so it’s Destiny time on this week’s Kotaku Splitscreen, a podcast in which we travel through space shooting aliens with thermal paste. Today’s episode sees the introduction of two new features — Weekly NFL Picks and the Roomba Report — as well as a deep dive into the good, bad and ugly in Destiny’s latest piece of downloadable content. The short version: We dug the campaign, although the story was sort of a mess. (Would you expect anything else from Destiny?) The new Supremacy PVP mode is great, and we’re stoked to check out all the new exotic quests. We’re also very, very excited for the next raid.

You can listen to this week’s episode on iTunes or Google Play. You can also listen directly on Simplecast here (mp3 version here).


  • I am still going through a lot of the side missions so a bit too early to judge but I didnt like how the main missions all had to be played straight away before everything unlocked. it felt too rushed. Barely 1.5 hours. Sure Taken King main missions were short too but it felt longer, a few more twists and turns and when you finished suddenly a wealth of other missions were there waiting.

    Rise of Iron felt like… here is the crisis, here lets investigate it more for just a mission or two, oh look we have a solution, lets go end it. (all the missions were really short). Sure I know there are a few side missions but so far nothing as epic as Taken King. Personally I think the story should have been rejigged and forced a few side missions to be played between the main missions. Just to make it feel less rushed. I felt like I barely saw the Splicers until the finally level. After two nights my quest log only has one mission left in it until I get cracking on Thorn and Gally. But for Taken King I had like four or so quests lines going at once.

    • yup i felt there was a massive missed opportunity here, so much could have been told about the iron lords and siva but it was just a bit slapped togethor (whch we call should be used to)

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