Poll: 25 Anime That Are Better Than The Manga 

Poll: 25 Anime That Are Better Than The Manga 
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Loads of anime are adaptations of manga. But which ones are the best? A recent Japanese poll tried to find that out.

[Images via Gin Tama Wikia | Attack on Titan Wikia | Craiglotter]

Goo Ranking (via Sankaku NSFW) polled 500 men and women (250 of each, all in either their 20s or 30s), and here are the top 25 anime that are better than the original manga.

25. Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san – 15 votes

23. Basilisk – 16 votes

23. Squid Girl – 16 votes

20. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – 17 votes

20. Chihayafuru – 17 votes

20. Rakudai Ninja Rantaro – 17 votes

18. Locodol – 19 votes

18. My Bride is a Mermaid – 19 votes

15. Akira – 21 votes

15. Akazukin Chacha – 21 votes

15. Oishinbo – 21 votes

14. Ojarumaru – 22 votes

13. WORKING!! – 23 votes

12. Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo – 25 votes

11. Hunter × Hunter – 27 votes

10. Dokonjo Gaeru – 32 votes

9. Mister Ajikko – 34 votes

8. Planetes – 35 votes

7. Attack on Titan – 36 votes

6. Chibi Maruko-chan – 41 votes

5. Sazae-san – 48 votes

4. K-On! – 50 votes

2. Crayon Shin-chan – 57 votes

2. Gin Tama – 57 votes

1. Lupin the Third – 62 votes

Agree? Disagree? Discuss!


  • Akira? Noooo, we’ll not I’m my book. The Manga was great plus widely different to the abridged anime version.

  • I’d disagree about Akira. I found that the manga was a lot more coherent and enjoyable than the anime, even if you needed a bookcase.

  • I’d only agree with K-On and that’s purely because the music isn’t that bad. it’s mostly pop so I realise it’s not to everyone’s taste but yea you can’t just turn the page and an mp3 will play lol,

  • Elfen Lied. If you thought that the anime had some not so great bits, know that the manga is basically a big not-great bit. The anime screenwriters were wizards that managed to salvage and push to the front the few worthy ideas floated in the manga and dressed it all in gorgeous character design and nice production values. The manga’s “art” is as gut-wrenchingly bad as its characterisation, plot and pacing.

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