Image: Kotaku

Nobody managed to pick up Friday's ScribbleTaku, which I'm mildly surprised by. It was from Populous 2, although I can't help but wonder whether my crappy mirror drawing had something to do with it.

Anyone, new week, new Scribbletaku. Let's go.

Nice and easy to kick off the week. There's also a theme for regular readers, which a few of you might get a small grin out of. It's Monday, after all — anything to make the start of the working week a little more comfortable for everyone.

Don't forget, you can force everyone to play along by sending in your own scribbles. Just let me know what the name of the game is when you send it in. Don't be cruel. Please.


    Looks like an icon on the HUD of UFO

      I'm guessing you mean X-COM, but yeah it looks like the reload icon.,488246/

    Definitely the original X-Com : UFO Defense / Enemy Unknown.

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