Titanfall 2's Movement Is Looking Sharp

It's almost at the point where it looks a million times more fun than the mechs themselves.

When Titanfall was first announced, I had these images in my head of people basically wallrunning non-stop while mechs tried pinning them down with massive grenade launchers.

Things weren't quite as fluid as that. Titanfall 2 is just around the corner, mind you, and the latest Pilot trailer is all about dodging bullets, sliding and wallrunning.

It's pretty neat; it's almost like a frag reel pulled together from internal builds and the stress tests.

More games need grappling hooks. Shame about that song though.

Between Titanfall 2, the Modern Warfare remaster and Battlefield 1, it's looking like a really good year for shooters.


    Every aspect of Titanfall was a blast. The movement, the shooting, the mechs. The maps were designed well and learning to traverse them to get from A to B the fastest and get the drop on your enemies was a big part of the fun.

    It's a shame it died off and I'm not a huge fan of multiplayer in general, but if Titanfall 2 is as polished as it looks it will likely bring me back in, especially since it also has a solo campaign.

      Haha. Yep. Every aspect was a blast except the longevity of the game and the match making issues.

      I loved the game and still boot it up to play the occasional campaign game (campaign being the only mode you can get a game in). Played a decent amount of the Titanfall 2 beta and I loved it. I think the improvements to multiplayer and the improvements to the match making system will make it one of the best shooters coming out in the next few months.

      I loved the original to and I nearly gave up on TF2, but second tech test saved it. It was a blast for me. Pilots were fast and Titans felt like they were titans.

      Totally getting it on day one.

    Looks like this will finally cure my Overwatch addiction! Loved the original but the community died off quickly.

    i really enjoyed titanfall, fast paced and having the ai groups there as extra enemies really kept the action going, wasnt to fussed on the titans themselves, sort of like the tanks in battlefield, there are some very good players and then theres me

    Now that Attrition has been confirmed to be back in I'm almost all they way in for some more Titanfall.
    I'm going to play the campaign, but some of the changes have made me lass enthused for the second game.

    We'll see, I guess.

    Either way, I will never be as good as anyone in that trailer.

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