Overwatch Player Dunks On People Telling Him Not To Play A Character

Before a match begins, a good Overwatch team will negotiate what roles people take during the round. While that's expected, plenty of fans still manage to be huge dicks about telling other players who they 'should' or should not play.

Jokester videogamedunkey has recorded a bunch of instances where jerks explicitly told him not to play a character, only to have Dunkey pick that exact character just to make a point. And guess what? He kicked arse anyway, as you can see in this hilarious montage. (Just so you know, lots of explicit language in this video.)

Sometimes, that Hanzo player will actually be the worst one ever. But hey, you never know — so be nice!


    Problem is when you've been subjected to 500 games with idiots who "Hanzo main" no matter the map or side, you tend to just snap when you see his stupid face in the lineup.

      I still think it's not an excuse to be a dick though. There have been a lot of matches with unconventional team comp where we've won. Times when I started off thinking we're doomed, but then we end up kicking butt anyway.

      It is frustrating to see players seemingly ignore good advice for a solid and generally reliable team comp, but often good players can make the most of any situation.

      And even if the team could still use with a change up, it's just a game. No need to be a dick about it. If the group isn't playing how you like, can always drop out after the round and search for a new game.

        I wouldn't have been a dick. I'd have just asked for a different hero, but so often you just get bullshit in return that becomes even more frustrating when you've already picked a tank or support and need something that isn't a sniper. I just roll my eyes, stop asking and try not to just write off the game.

        "If the group isn't playing how you like, can always drop out after the round and search for a new game."

        Not in competitive you can't, at least not without a leaver penalty.

    Does anybody else ever think they see their own online handle in these things?

    Never happened to me.

    I like hate he specifically got told to pick a tank cause they were short, not someone or "I will"... players unwilling to switch and forceably tell one person to play is annoying. Who made him team dictator?

      Yeah, I end up playing heaps of Mercy or Lucio due to no one else going to that role, I don't mind being healer but somethings I wanna run around more.

        I main Zenyatta so I tend to play healer most of the time. I play aggressively though, so a lot of the time I will have players yelling at me during a match because I am too close to a fight. That just makes me mad and I go in even further just to prove them wrong. Or I might not heal you cause you pissed me off. I can be a little petty sometimes, haha.

    I watched this the other day. One of his best in recent times. Dunk just needs to pump them out more frequently.

    this is exactly why most of time people listen to the 'experts' on youtube and competitive scenes is hilarious, and those who rabbit on about bollocks like META and 'have to". more often or not I can do way more with Tracer on defence than I could do with a 'have to' pick. Because I am really good with that character and I am good enough to know when I am being outplayed. If I was to choose what I was supposed to I would be twice as bad

    no one else can see you score mid game and if they were playing they game correctly they wouldnt be truly aware how you are playing because they should be doing their thing.

    Close mindedness and people who rabbit on about meta are the reason I dont play competitive that much. I would spend way more time laughing my backside off at their seriousness than I should be on fighting.

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    People who spend time complaining about not having a particular character on the team instead of just solving the problem by switching to that character (or picking them to begin with) are the worst.

      The person complaining about not having a tank is probably a "Pro Genji", so clearly they don't have to switch off.

        Or the Akways Gets Plays Reaper with a KD ratio lower than Support

          It's funny because I make a point of getting at least 1 elimination whenever I play Mercy. :D

    Whilst I'll definitely win more games with a "meta" set up then I seem to with random team comps, I'm a firm believer that if a person truly kick ass with a character then it can often be far more beneficial for them to me playing that character then being shoe horned into a role they are good at.

    These are the same guys that first pick carry in a moba and ask others to pick supports... At pub level it doesn't really matter anyways, better pick something you are comfortable playing and have fun. Disclaimer, I'm a scrub :D

    It's not about the character choice most of the time. It's about idiots not realising/ignoring what they're supposed to be doing in a game, or having the awareness to see what needs to be done to fix the team. Dunkey is really good and knows where he needs to be when. I'd be happy to have a decent Hanzo on my team 100% of the time, because he provides a lot of advantages to the team. And lets not pretend that people arent complete idiots playing other characters.

    I had a game last night where I was the only tank pushing the payload. My healer and I were the only ones within spitting distance of the payload. We were constantly getting stuck in 4v2 teamfights and pretty much getting destroyed by this Reaper. Usually I can solo tank against 2 tanks reasonably well, especially if I have a support with me. But this Reaper was just making things difficult. I asked if someone else could sort this reaper out, or change to something else that could help out the team and got nothing. We promptly lost as I had no idea what the others were doing, and I was stuck between changing and having no tanks or just keep going and lose anyway. This crap happens more often than not. FYI the team comp was D.Va (Me), Mercy, Genji, Tracer and a team of Pharah and Reaper. Never heard 1 sword ult or 1 Barrage during the entire game.

    Oh well...

    Part of the issue would be the choice of D.Va there. She's great when paired with another tank, especially Zarya, but she is not a good solo tank. She can't mitigate damage for a long enough time to tank by herself.

      Maybe so, but I successfully single tank with her a lot. With a second tank it gives her the freedom to be a bit more disruptive, but if you learn how to use defence matrix, she's a great solo tank. Its really irrelevant though, we didnt need 4 flanking DPS. If we even had 1 or 2 of those sticking around the payload, then it would have been fine.

        Fly in, Fly out is my strategy with with D.Va. Get in their face, then go top up on health, but try to be there for the team, to soak up that damage. And also stalking Pharah & Mercy.

    "We need a tank"
    ** Picks Bastion **
    "Bastion is not a tank dude"
    Uh, yes he is. He's the only real tank in the game lol

    haha have had the same. around half the team were whining that because i hadnt used high noon with mcree that i was useless or something along those lines and they were being really abusive asking me to change (the problem was their shortcomings not mine), after solo'ing left flank and most of mid on cp2 during egypt and racking up around 45 kills for the round (i know its not just about kills) voicechat went quiet and they realised that the other team was just more highly skilled than them and they were using someone they thought wasnt very good as a scapegoat rather than reflecting upon their own skill.

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