Even Dunkey Enjoyed Final Fantasy 15

Image: Square Enix

Dunkey doesn't have a habit of unilaterally enjoying everything, so its nice to see even the Backstreet Boys won over his cold, hard heart.

I haven't run into the hallway simulator part yet, which is great because for Dunkey (and just about everyone else) the open world beforehand was the best part.

If you liked the acoustic solo of Stand By Me at the end, here's the full clip. Good song for hump day.


    Pretty fair tbh, and 100% right about Zegnautis. If you are invested by the time you get there you can press through, if not then Zeg will break the game for you.

    I'm enjoying the 'hallway' bits a lot more.

    Lots more cutscenes to enjoy, far less travelling for 20 mins with nothing to do.
    Excellent level design, pacing & atmosphere.

    New mechanics have been introduced.

      Are you talking about Zegnautis or general dungeons? The dungeons are fantastic, that bit not so much.

        I have no idea, perhaps no?

          My guess would be general dungeons then (which I agree are well crafted), Zeg takes the formula and shits on it for about an hour and a half.

            It is Zegnautis, plays like an old school Survival Horror, it's great!

            Great atmosphere & tense feeling.

    A true stroke of evil genius in FF15 is the addition of all previous FF game soundtracks. People can (and probably do) hone in on their favourites, and cruise around in this new game while drowning in aural nostalgia of Final Fantasies of old. The association enhances the new game. Devious! Delightful.

      I still think that more games should have a similar system though especially if you have a wealth of music to draw from such as a series that has been running for decades, or perhaps a studio of other titles to tap into.

    I think the announcement of Knack 2 has put him in a good mood.

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