Dunkey Plays Dark Souls III. It's As Funny As You Expect.

He's very much on point about Dark Souls III and illusory walls.

He's also on point about how you die a lot.

Dunkey's master works, for me, will always be his Metal Gear Solid V videos. Those and his Skyrim one.

Oh and the one he did about Yakuza.

Actually most of his videos tend to be hilarious. This one is no exception.


    Never even heard of him/her. Is he/she like another pewdeidiotpie?

      He seems to be far less obnoxious than pewdiepie based on this one video. Still a little bit obnoxious. But not THAT obnoxious. I thought it was fun video.

      It does spoil some stuff near the end of the game though. I probably would've included a warning for that in the article considering how little time the game's been out and how long it is.

        Ah thanks for the heads up. Still have not started on DS3 yet so will avoid the video for now.

      He does pseudo-satire game reviews and play-throughs on his channel, all are comedic in nature and almost always legitimately fun to watch and tend to revolve around him playing a game in a way not intended or generally messing around.

      He got most of his current "fame" from his league of legends videos (which he no longer does) and the fact that his videos are made to be a direct self aware parody or opposite of channels like Pewdiepie's.

        Actually sounds alright. Will have a look, cheers.

    He is trying so hard to be funny, it's annoying. You can tell he purposefully doing things to be funny. He knew the enemy was on the left, not right. He knew not to jump. He knew the treasure chest was a mimic.... I feel dumber having watched this

      That's sort of the point of dunky, his online persona "character" is exactly that. Personally, I think his undertale video is one of his best and shows that it's both a mixture of an online "character" as much as a natural willingness to poke around in a game and create amusing content.

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