Pokemon GO's Halloween Event Makes Ghosts Appear More Often

If you play Pokemon GO from October 26 to November 1, you might notice an increase in spooky apparitions. That's totally intentional! As the trailer for Pokemon GO's seasonal event states, the mobile game will be celebrating Halloween. Trainers will enjoy an increase in candy rewards, which is very appropriate. Niantic says that having a Buddy 'mon active will net you four times the usual rewards, catching monsters will give you six candies, and transfers will be worth two candies. It's a bonanza.

Yesterday, a new update for Pokemon GO dropped, and it included a feature that colour-codes eggs based on distance needed to hatch them:

You can read the rest of the patch notes here.


    In all honesty, those increased candy rates should perhaps stick around. It's actually ripe for trading implications too, to say nothing of proper pokemon trading.

    I'm going to want my buddy's candies because he won't necessarily need some/all of them for the pokemon he just gave me.

    hey do you need a zubat? cos we just increased their spawn rate!!
    and a big lol as a palette swap on eggs being dropped as a feature.

      I know - because different coloured eggs are totally more important than a working tracker aren't they?

      Yep, now I can see if I should go into egg inventory and use an incubator or not when I get an egg. Also, see my egg distribution at a glance without reading each one.

      I'm so glad I'm not the only person who saw the image above and thought the only noticeable thing this is going to increase is the spawn rates of Zubats to up around the same level as Pidgeys and Ratattas.

    Pokemon GO needs more than an increase in candy drop rates & an update to egg colours to fix their game...

      the game had so much potential but it's just done nothing with it.

    Bring on PvP and player to player trading thin i might look at it again

    Oh, I had actually completely forgot that this game existed for a while. It was a nice feeling

    The only ghosts here are those of the hollow apparitions left over from the fun features Niantic keeps sucking out of the game...

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