I See What You Did There, Teen Titans Go

Teen Titans Go is not the follow-up to the classic animated series that many desperately wish it would be, but it's probably the DC property that loves poking fun at the wider DC world the most. And when it does, it's... (puts fingertips to mouth, makes kissing noise) exquisite.

The latest episode of the show, "TV Knight" opened with a one-two punch of an Easter egg — not just the Comedian's blood-stained badge from Watchmen (which currently resides in the Batcave in the comics, thanks to DC Rebirth), but the adorable acknowledgement of Zod's... let's say controversial death in Man of Steel too. I love the little lightning bolts of pain.

An added bonus though, is another playful DC movie nod later on where Batman whips out his mobile phone to pull up his contacts list:

Marthas Wayne and Kent included. Bless this silly, silly show.



    As someone who hasn't watched this show but has read a decent amount of the comics I was wondering if someone could answer something for me: I can't help but notice Jezebel Jet in his contacts list, does this mean they've done a black glove tie in episode? That'd be really cool and might be enough to get me to watch it

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