I’d Still Take Cute Charmander Over These Realistic Pokemon

I’d Still Take Cute Charmander Over These Realistic Pokemon

Don’t get me wrong, these realistic fan-drawn Pokemon from Joshua Dunlop are utterly stunning. But there’s just something a little missing.

It’s a recreation of the three original starter Pokemon from London-based illustrator, concept artist and creature designer Joshua Dunlop. It’s not the first spin he’s given to existing designs of Pokemon: on his Art Station page, there’s reimaginings of Pidgeot and Pidgeotto, posters for Pokemon Opal and Jade, character designs and more.

But Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur are something different entirely. Made with Keyshot, Photoshop and 3D-Coat, the models are the kind of quality you’d expect to find in Avatar 2. Or some insane cross-over between Pokemon and Jurassic Park.

The Bulbasaur actually looks pretty outstanding. It almost reminds me of a hyper photo-realistic spin on The Land Before Time, actually. But as cute as they are, I’ll always go back to this cute little thing as my starter:

Image: Pokemon Amino

You’ll never be abandoned again, Charmander. Doesn’t stop the fact that Dunlop’s art is astonishingly good, mind you, as is the rest of his portfolio.


    • The Charmander and the Squirtle’s faces remind me a bit of the turtle from Kung Fu Panda. They wouldn’t get in the ball, but I don’t think they’d give two shits if you threw it either.

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