Read This Gorgeous, Heartbreaking Story From The Attack On Titan Anthology Comic

Hajime Isayama's blockbuster manga about a world beset by giant, naked, human-eating monstrosities is a hit not just in its native Japan, but around the world. Now Western creators are giving Attack on Titan its due with a new anthology from Kodansha — and you can read one of its best tales right here.

The Attack on Titan anthology features new original stories and artwork from a whole host of big name writers and artists, including Gail Simone, Kevin Wada, Genevieve Valentine and Afua Richardson — each offering new twists and takes on the world of Attack on Titan, its lore and even its fandom. To celebrate its release, we are proud to host one of the stories from the book: The absolutely beautiful "Memory Maze", by Asaf Hanuka and Tomer Hanuka.

The Attack on Titan anthology is available now.


    The use of colour was fantastic and colour isn't something I ordinarily associate with Attack on Titan.

    That was wonderful.
    But when is the bloody second season coming again?!

      I know! It comes ou---

      [A random titan nabs me, swallows me whole and walks off.]

      [Comes back moments later and spits me out into the river.]

      Titan: *Petuie*


      Titan: "Urh! A Mac user! There's no telling where that has been!"

      Disclaimer: I've never seen any of Attack on Titan but yes I do know they don't talk. This is just my usual brand of twisted humour.

      Disclaimer #2: I actually am a Mac user so I'm entitled to poke fun at myself.

      Last edited 24/11/16 8:23 am

    Haha, while their taste for Mac users never came up on the show,there's a distinct possibility that could be the case lol

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