The NBA Has Been Like A Video Game Lately

The NBA Has Been Like A Video Game Lately

Sometimes professional sports is like watching amateurs struggle, a multi-millionaires making alarmingly silly decisions, make basic mistakes, and generally fail to be of any value.

And then you have days where things look so stupidly easy one could swear it was from a video game.

To start things off, we have Steph Curry rather casually launching a three from almost the full length of the court:

Sure. But that’s Steph Curry. He does what he likes.

But that wasn’t even remotely close to one of the crazier performances. Enter stage right Kevin Love, who decided to quietly turn the difficulty down to Rookie mode by scoring 34 points in a single quarter.

Love finished the game with 40 points, which is kind of staggering when he went into the 2nd quarter having already scored 34. I guess it’s a bit hard not to take your foot off the pedal a little.

Not to be outdone in today’s dose of crazy, we have Nick Young from the Lakers. Nicknamed Swaggy P, his previous crowning highlight was celebrating a 3 pointer before it went in – which, as you’d expect – ended up being an embarrassing rim shot.

This time, he stole a pass meant for a teammate to drain the game-winning 3.

And if there wasn’t enough people hitting 3’s like it was NBA Jam, the Lakers are currently playing against the Golden State Warriors. And for a small stretch of the first quarter, that was literally the main way both teams were scoring. You can watch the full highlights of the first quarter on YouTube, or go through individual videos of the Warriors and Lakers nailing a combined 129 points in the first two quarters here.

(After scoring 41 points in the first quarter, the Warriors ended up scoring 43 in the fourth. Unsurprisingly, they won by a lot.)

Shame things aren’t looking so easy for the Aussies in the Third Test.


  • You missed last week’s performance of Curry breaking the record for most 3s in a game with 13. Not to mention the absurd amount of high stats games we have already seen this year.

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