What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Given that the singleplayer is increasingly becoming the only part of Infinite Warfare that people actually like, I'm rather looking forward to finishing it.

I'm a couple of missions through so far and I'm loving the space element. It's actually been fun this year to see how adventurous the blockbusters have been with their singleplayer campaigns. Titanfall 2 was pretty great, and Battlefield 1 took a surprisingly serious tone.

Infinite Warfare doesn't do that. But hey, there's upgrades. Space missions. A hub world. A whole bunch of things that are explicitly not Call of Duty. It's almost a little bit reminiscent of the early Black Ops games, when Treyarch was trying all sorts of weird shit like menu screens that started with a player in a straightjacket and in-mission RTS segments.

Beyond that, it's going to be more of a practical weekend around the house. Getting rid of old boxes, doing some spring cleaning, that sort of thing. And probably a little bit of Destiny (I haven't forgotten to add you Trikeabout!) just because running around with Bad Juju is too much fun.

What are you playing this weekend?


    There's this really crappy game called renovating the kitchen that I'm going to be playing. It requires the boosting of joists to get the floor level.

    Not an actual game, I'm renovating the kitchen irl

      Home Reno Simulator 2017 for the HTC Vive

        I wish. It would be much less strain on my shoulder. ... or possibly more

      Here, these two guys should make the process go a lot faster.

      [Two guys offered look very familar; one has white shirt and a beret while the other has a black shirt and red hair]


    I'm thinking XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, or maybe even The Longest Journey.

      Original The Longest Journey?

      So much talk. But if you immerse yourself and listen to the conversations, there are some great characters and the story is wonderful.

    Just started Deus Ex Mankind Divided on PS4, doing my first, blind playthrough.

    Got my platinum on Hatsune Miku Project Diva X on Vita, so just mucking around with that, playing some Shutsimi (which is pretty good) and Joe Danger. I'm not playing Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni.

    Might dive back into Zone of the Enders on PS3 if I get time.

    Apart from that, rejuvenating my old paints and cleaning/assembling a Malifaux crew.

    Finishing World of Final Fantasy and then moving onto "Dish. Oh no, red too" for some sneak-em-up shenanigans.

    Finally getting close to 400 light with Iron Banner in Destiny and for the first time in Iron Banner I'm really enjoying it. Then there's Dishonoured 2 which I'm very eager to get into. I shall be stealthing it for the first run followed by guns blazing for the 2nd (eventually).

    I was planning on Dishonored 2, but the PC performance issues people are reporting worry me a little. I might just end up going back to finish Enderal, or maybe play through the Uncharted Collection on the PS4 Pro we picked up last night. Oh, that's right, there's Tyranny as well. Damn, why are there only 24 hours in a day? :(

      In regards to Dishonored 2: It seems that by turning your AA down from TXAA to FXAA you don't the frame rate issues that have been reported. By doing this I'm getting @80-100fps with interiors but down to @40fps in big exteriors. So quite playable but I would like more balance. I'm about to update my Nvidia drivers to see if that makes any difference.

      I'm running 1440p on a 16GM RAM / Titan X / i7-4770K (mild overclock on CPU only).

      Last edited 11/11/16 12:02 pm

        Ahh, thanks for the info, we've got a similar setup so I might try that and see how it goes. 40fps is certainly playable but 80-100fps across the board would be much nicer.

    A bit of Battlefield 1 and a bit of The Witness.

    I'm hoping to spend some time with the Titanfall 2 multiplayer but if my wife starts playing it after finishing her brass balls playthrough of Bioshock, I might jump back into Forza Horizon 3 instead.

      PC or Xbone? I grabbed TF2 yesterday, but only had time for one quick round last night.

        Xbone, my PC needs a new graphics card and by the time I get around to buying one it'll probably be time to just upgrade the whole PC.

    Bit more BF1 Multi on my shiny new PS4Pro.
    Will check Infamous : Last Light which I've had for ages when it was free on PS+ but never played to check how the pretty HDR graphics come up.

    Biiiiiiig back catalog to pick up over the next few months...Dishonored, Deus ex, etc etc.

    Gah, I have to work Saturday morning... but after that it's going to be battlefield 1, civ 6, and I have been considering getting Tyranny - looks pretty sweet, but it also looks like a time sink:/ so many good games I want to try, it's almost like a golden age of gaming! (Intentional hyperbole)

      I've heard that Tyranny is actually quite a bit shorter than Pillars of Eternity (for me was 80 hours) and is more a multi-playthrough type title - might not be too bad for time! I'm hoping at least xD

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    Yeah ima finish that IW campaign too! Probably smash some RIGS and Rush of Blood and then muck about online in Modern Warfare as well... I cant bring myself to play much IW online!! Not when theres so much nostalgia to be had in Modern Warfare - oh and its actually still na amazing game that got the multiplayer balance RIGHT!!! The upgrades online in IW kill it a bit - you need to put the time in before you can even match half the other guys in the matches!!

    Going to finish chapter IV of Diablo 3's season 8. and then.... I'll be out of the house the rest of the weekend :/

    Finally get a chance to finish the Titanfall 2 campaign. Bout half way through and then hopefully some multiplayer.

    World of warcraft for me along with IRL baseball. Levelling up a Priest and Druid to join @pupp3tmast3r and @jocon and friends. Heaps different because I usually play melee classes, but the priest rotation is very in-depth and I'm looking forward to trying a Balance druid for the first time in a looooong time.

    Dishonored 2
    Titanfall 2

    Might jump in to Gears of War 4. I lost my Mafia 3 save on PS4 so I'll have to start from scratch... I'm just not sure I can do it...

    Also thinking of restarting Infamous: Second Son.

    Wanted to play the Division PTS survival... But they disabled Survival for 2 days... So probably good old Dota 2 and CS, with a bunch of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

    Going to setup that brand new PS4 Pro tonight and try me out some Skyrim & Dishonored 2.

      First: you'll need to do a firmware update (as it shipped with 3.70 and latest is 4.05). To save time, download it prior and put it on a USB stick... https://www.playstation.com/en-au/get-help/ps4-system-software/

      Then either shift data across from old PS4 or set-up fresh PS4 if it's your first PS4. Sign in to PSN (same account as PS3 if you had one, come up with funky name if not) and then stick in the disc of whatever game you want to play first. Depending on patch sizes this bit can take a while (GTAV and Project Cars both have GIGS of updates). Do some other setup or have dinner while patches download for all the games you want... things like rest mode behaviour (turn it to download and install updates automatically while it rests...).

      Then play. :)

      And then... enjoy. :)

        Yeah, I was expecting an update lol. I shifted all my saves on the old PS4 to the cloud last night so that was one less thing to worry about.

        I burned myself last night. I wanted to do a full re-initialisation of the old PS4 before I set up the Pro. It took a full 3 hours to finish, I couldn't believe it. It didn't finish till about 10.30pm and by then I was like nope, bedtime.

        But no work commitments on the weekend, so I'll definitely be enjoying it tonight!

          Cool! Were you planning on sticking a bigger drive in the Pro or is a 1TB enough? I went straight to 2TB on the PS4.

          If I get a Pro down the line I'll probably swap the drives and have 1TB in the old PS4 for "When I get kicked out of the main gaming room" times... (at the moment I have a spot for the PS4 in two rooms all cabled - takes 30 secs to move it!).

    Probably some Dishonored 2. Possibly some Iron Banner...

    Battlefield 1 and I might try Skyrim again for the 5th time - its never clicked for me but I wanna understand the praise it gets. Would've loved to pick up a NES but they all sold out!

    Titanfall 2 for sure. Gameplay is just to good.

    If you've bought COD and am thinking. . . Why the hell did I do that. Buy TF2, it is better, period.

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