Eat This Ramen In Less Than 20 Minutes, Earn $588

Not bad for only 20 minutes of work. Yes, eating this would be work.

[Image: My Navi]

Tokyo ramen restaurant Umakara Ramen Hyouri has "mega serving" challenge: If you eat this whole bowl of ramen in under 20 minutes, they will pay you 50,000 yen ($588). Do it in 30 minutes, and they will give you 30,000 yen ($352).

Japanese website My Navi went to check out the challenge.

[Image: My Navi]

To enter, you need to pay 3000 yen ($35). There are a whole host of rules, such as no help from friends. Also, if you barf up the ramen after you finish eating, you must cough up a 10,000 yen ($117) penalty.

That's four servings of ramen noodles in that bowl, 4kg of bean sprouts and 700mL of broth.

[Image: My Navi]

See that red powder? That's chilli powder.

[Image: My Navi]

If finishing this seems like an impossibility, it's not. According to My Navi, in the past three years that this restaurant has offered the mega serving challenge, nine heroes have been successful. Many more have not.


    Those are the heroes we need

      ...but don't yet deserve.

    Most my meals have that much chilli powder, for a real challenge they should use Sanyang Buldalk Bokkeummyeon, I can't get enough of those <3

    I was wondering where the challenge was, then I saw the words "chilli powder"... But I'd still try it

    now i know what i was training for

    It does not look easy that's for sure. I guess you have to fidn the right tactic. Just all that deep fried stuff will fill you up after a quarter portion. Well done to the 9 btw

    So if I eat two bowls will I get $1176?

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