Every Rogue One Shot That Was In The Trailers, But Not The Movie

Every Rogue One Shot That Was In The Trailers, But Not The Movie

We’ve discussed this already, but just so you can see it all laid out, here’s a video by Vashi Nedomansky showing all 46 shots shown in Rogue One’s trailers that didn’t make it into the actual movie.

Some would have been reshot, others perhaps filmed only for the trailer as a promo, others still might turn up in a director’s cut (or 2027 re-release) but regardless, as I found on the weekend, the movie you end up getting is in some key ways different to the one we were initially sold.

Which, don’t get me wrong, is a good thing.


  • Interesting….trailer for movie has many shots that didn’t make it to the final product. People seem largely ok with this.

    Trailer for game shows many or some features that didn’t make it to the final product. Huge outcry and rage ensues…

    Not really saying movies and games are equivalent…you expect to get a lot more than 2 hours entertainment out of most games (and pay more for them too) but it’s interesting to see the contrast.

    • Ugh, this idea that “everything in a video game trailer is an explicit promise” needs to be placed with the rest of the shit we leave behind in 2016.

      • So letting people falsely advertise needs to be taken into 2017 then? I’m glad that’s against our consumer law.

        The difference between a movie trailer and a game trailer is a movie is a shows a snapshot to give potential viewers a feel for what the movie is about without giving away too much of what is going on. A game trailer shows what the game is about, what features it has, game mechanics etc.

        Movie trailer is an ad to give you a general idea, game trailer is an ad to show you what is in the game.

        Like I said, they aren’t equivalent, it’s just interesting to see the contrast.

        • There is no implied promise in a pre release game trailer beyond what is in a film trailer. Things change during development.

          Unless it’s actually claiming to be release gameplay footage or written on the damn box, there’s no real promise there anyway. Consumers need to learn this.

          • Any published video to advertise a product is required to be representative of that product. Flat out showing things are in a game when they are not in the final product violates the requirements and is false advertising.

            The only way publishers can get around it is by having a disclaimer stating that it is pre-release footage and may not be representative of the final product.

  • Was the shot at 01:47 in the promos? It clearly shows local fishermen with boats in the background.
    I am curious where the rebel captives fit into the timeline of the film?
    I’d love to know more about what the big changes were to the movie too. Was it just pacing or was Vader never meant to be included? What did the test audiences hate that made the men in suits take over?

  • I personally prefer when trailer shots aren’t part of the final film. I avoid trailers wherever possible (I managed to make it to the Rogue One midnight screening without having seen a single trailer) because I want to watch the movie in one sitting, not have bits and pieces spoiled months before release (I’m looking at you Batman v Superman…)

  • The shot of the stormtroopers walking through the shallows was just a real world promo stunt. See the dudes in the background are fishing with dinky boats. Of course that wasn’t in the final movie LOL.

  • I’d really love to see an earlier version of this film. Deleted scenes with director introductions on the Blu-Ray? *crosses fingers*

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