Good Morning, Here's A New Star Wars Rogue One Trailer

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Eight days until the next Star Wars movie. Sounds good to me. Until then, here's another trailer.

*heavy breathing*

I'm really looking forward to the idea of more spin-offs in the Star Wars universe, whether they be games or films. It feels like there's more opportunity to explore interesting stories and create new characters, instead of being stuck in a fan service loop that Force Awakens had to play to.

Eight days, people.


    Good morning,

    People with the Battlefront Season Pass also get early access to the Rogue One DLC.

    And, X-wing VR mission is also out, free to Battlefront owners.

      If you can find a game on it that is, was woeful early this morning could not find a game on it at all and when did would drop out. That plus the download of Scarif deleted Bespin and Death Star DLC's content.

        Hey buddy. Not sure if you'll get this as a guest, but it's the first day on the first morning in Australia. I'd play this morning too but I had to go to work. It should pick up later. All of the DLCs tend to get continuous play, though unfortunately everyone abandons the previous ones as soon as the new one comes out.

        Death Star is my favourite.

        Also, unlikely it deleted the previous DLCs. More likely the licenses got revoked somehow. All DLC content is included in patches, I believe, so if they deleted the previous content, they did for everyone.

          Got it mate, yeah will try again this evening. Still think there were some server issues as have seen some on twitter / reddit discussing the issue. Line here about the uninstalled content, happened on my Xbox One, went into Manage Game and found them to be installed again (at a very small 10MB per each DLC)

            Oh damn, I didn't know you were an Xbox user. I can really only speak for Playstation. Sorry man.

            One thing, I think Playstation has considerably more people on it than any other platform, too.

    You realise the 3 spinoffs announced so far all relate directly to the original trilogy right?

    If that's not fan service, I don't know what is.

    I'd like to see more Star Wars movies based on the rich amount of lore that already exists, such as old republic stuff. Give me a movie similar to the latest cinematics for KOTR and I'd be happy!

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