Nebby Gets Out Of The Bag, Destroys A Pokemon Team

The only two moves that Cosmog can learn are Splash and Teleport. Surely, then, a Cosmog would be useless in a Pokemon battle? Not necessarily!

PIMPNITE was challenged by YouTube fans to set up a "sweep" with Cosmog, meaning, a battle in which Cosmog takes out the entire enemy team. Nobody really thought it was possible — the suggestion was more of a joke, really, because Cosmog has no way of attacking anything. And yet, PIMPNITE pulled off a sweep, the absolute madman:

"There's only really one way you could actually sweep with this Pokemon," PIMPNITE said. In order for this to work, PIMPNITE has to set up a way for Cosmog to survive against endless attacks. That's where the rest of the team comes in, buffs at the ready.

First, he lays down two layers of Toxic Spikes, which means that any incoming monster will become badly poisoned. Then, he does Amnesia a couple of times, which sharply raises a monster's Special Defence stat — and this gets Baton Passed down to Cosmog, meaning it inherits the buffs. He follows that up with a few Iron Defences, which sharply raises Defence. This, too, gets Baton Passed down. He also lays down Ingrain, as well as Aqua Ring, both of which are moves that heal on every turn. As you guessed, those get Baton Passed as well.

After all of that, he throws Nebby into the ring. And Nebby just stands there, with its blank smile, staring down its enemy, as it slowly dies to poison. He doesn't switch Nebby out. He just spams Splash over and over again. Meanwhile, the opposing player tries their best to use strong attacks against Nebby; it's really just an endless parade of powerful legendaries trying to destroy this cute little thing. But, thanks to all the defence buffs, as well as the extra healing, they just can't kill Nebby. Instead, Nebby survives all six enemy combatants.

PIMPNITE says that this feat took many tries — often, he'd just die, or the opposing player would ragequit. Really, can you blame them? I'd be infuriated! That's exactly what makes this battle so amazing.

And this is why you don't actually want Nebby to get out of the bag, Lillie.


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