Cosmog Is An Idiotic, Naive Ball Of Gas

Cosmog Is An Idiotic, Naive Ball Of Gas

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Cosmog!

Cosmog Details

Type: Psychic

Average Height: 0’08”

Average Weight: 0 kg

First Added In Generation VII

One of my favourite songs is “If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough” by Roger Alan Wade. Its basic premise, as the name clearly implies, is that if you are going to be an idiot, doing dumb shit, then you better be tough enough to handle the terrible consequences. If Wade wrote a similar song about today’s Pokemon, Cosmog, it would be titled “If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, At Least Be Able To Teleport.” Less catchy, but accurate.

Cosmog is a ball of gas with a face. It’s extremely frail and it can easily be blown away. The thing is Cosmog doesn’t care. It’s laid back like that. Sure, death is only a mild gust of wind away, but it doesn’t care. I can almost respect that. However, Cosmog is also a big (or small) idiot. It is extremely naive and according to Bulbapedia, it will show kindness and trust to anyone who treats it nice, even if that person is clearly an arsehole using Cosmog or tricky the dumb gas ball.

Why would someone want to trick Cosmog? Because it can open a wormhole to a completely different dimension, one filled with strange creatures, like a Pokemon that only communicates using body-building poses. It doesn’t have great control over this ability, usually only using it when it is stressed out or in danger.

This brings us back to that song I mentioned. Cosmog made be a naive, idiot made of a few wisps of gas, but it can teleport too. This is a separate ability from its wormhole trick and it appears to have more control of this warping around skill. It uses to escape bad situations, which it finds itself in often. Because of the whole idiot thing. But Cosmog remains curious, which is nice to see. Even though the world is dangerous and filled with people willing to trick it into doing their bidding, Cosmog keeps on keeping on. I admire this little ball of gas, even if it seems extremely dangerous that a naive dumbass like him has the power to conjure wormholes to other dimensions.

Random Facts

  • Cosmog is one of the lightest Pokemon to ever existed. However…
  • Is it even a Pokemon?? It’s described in Pokedex entries as something that has come from another world. That seems to imply it’s an alien. The Pokemon universe has a weird habit of treating aliens as Pokemon. Run ET.
  • According to Bulbapeida, Cosmog has the lowest base stat total of all Legendary Pokémon, making it the greatest loser.

Best Comment From Last Week

Oh, I’ve got an interesting thing! Tynamo is essentially an electric eel that hunts in groups in order to generate more electricity, which we JUST discovered is a real thing electric eels will do in the wild!


Looks like Mother Nature can expect a Nintendo cease and desist order very soon.


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