Overwatch Is Now More Popular Than Sex

Image: Blizzard

Well, on Reddit at least.

As of today, there are now 707,315 subs on r/Overwatch, compared to 689,939 on r/Sex.

I'd hazard a guess there's a bit of an overlap in those two categories doing the rounds. You can look that one up yourself, though. I did a quick Google and now I think I'm fired.



    I did a quick Google and now I think I'm fired

    I wouldn't mind knowing what kind of workplace policies and ethical guidelines you guys have to follow when using the office internet. I'd imagine it's almost free rein.

    Unless there is no Kotaku office(s) and you all work from home...

    Probably explains why I don't have either...

    I dunno about you guys but I'm definitely partaking in far more Overwatch than sex.

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