Pokemon Sun And Moon Have An Incredible Elite Four Rematch Battle

Once you beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you can go back and defend the championship against new challengers. Some opponents, you can probably guess. But there's one Elite Four challenger in particular that is completely unexpected. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

The very first trainer that you meet on your journey through Alola is a little boy called Youngster Tristan. He's six, maybe seven years old, and accordingly, he has no idea what moves he should be using during battle:

Image source: TheKingNappy

Image source: TheKingNappy

Youngsters, on the whole, are pretty much a joke in Pokemon games — they never have strong monsters. Youngsters are there to look cute, really, and to give us a sense that Pokemon training is an activity that spans all ages.

AND YET. This is an actual thing that can happen in Sun and Moon:

Youngster Tristan, that little boy who seemed clueless at the start of the game, made his way through the entire friggin' Elite Four just to challenge your claim to the throne. You can watch the battle below, courtesy of Mixeli:

Guess what the first thing Tristan says to you is?

God damn it, Tristan. How could you have come this far without knowing what moves to use?

Despite his childish appearance, Tristan is no joke. He's packing a level 59 Emolga, a level 59 Sharpedo, a level 59 Exeggutor, a level 59 Magmortar and a level 59 Tauros — a far cry from the typical level 2 Rattatas we expect from Youngster trainers. You might even have to level a bit to beat Tristan.

Between this and some of the more ridiculous Alolan forms, you gotta love how much Game Freak just allowed itself to have fun this generation. The result? A more memorable game.


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