Telltale Announces Guardians Of The Galaxy Adventure Game

Tonight at The Game Awards, a short teaser revealed that Telltale's next big licensed adventure game will be based on Guardians of the Galaxy. Before I play it, I'm gonna need a security band, a quarnex battery, and that guy's prosthetic leg.

According to the teaser, Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series will be out "soon." Rumours about this game started up a couple of weeks ago, and tonight's announcement confirms it: The folks behind other good adventure game series like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands will be tackling Peter Quill's gang of rogues.

When I think about it, Tales from the Borderlands already kind of felt very similar to the recent Marvel adaptation of Guardians, so Telltale should be a good fit for this.


    Aka "Telltale's Licence to Print Money: 2017"

      I know I'm on board. First Telltale game I've bought since S1 of The Walking Dead (and I didn't even finish that...)

    Modern Telltale can do no wrong in my book, but I'd rather they continued a few of their older properties, particularly Wolf and Tales.

    Although I imagine Marvel is throwing buttloads of money at them for this so who am I to judge!

      Thats the thing I am sorta getting annoyed at for Telltale. Other then The Walking Dead, they seem to start a franchise and never finish it, no matter how popular it is/as. I just they would slow don and continue Wolf or Tales or the others they started.

      However the games are so damn good, ill know ill still pick this one up and the next and the next :P

      I found their Game of Thrones game to be a bit sub-par compared to Telltale's other work.

      They got the depressing parts of the source material down, but seemed to skip the temporary victories you get in between the despair in the original.

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