The Gravity Rush 2 Demo Is A Good Time

The Gravity Rush 2 Demo Is A Good Time

Between the Nier: Automata demo we played yesterday and this dizzying 20 minute slice of Gravity Rush 2, PlayStation 4 owners have some pretty amazing trying-before-buying to do over the holiday weekend.

Bright, colourful and cheery, the demo for SIE Japan Studio’s Gravity Rush 2 is a lovely complement to Nier: Automata‘s monochrome post-machine invasion ruins.

Gravity-manipulating hero Kat runs, jumps and flies through a bright city bustling with life, fighting off the shadowy Nevi, along with human soldiers and one large mech.

My favourite part of the demo, aside from getting to try out Kat’s new Jupiter and Lunar modes, which make her more hard-hitting or nimble respectively, is the motion comic cutscenes.

Check out the video atop the post for a full playthrough of the demo. Gravity Rush 2 arrives on the North American PlayStation 4 January 20.