The PS4 Has Now Outsold The SNES

The PS4 Has Now Outsold The SNES

50 million. That’s a pretty big milestone, and it’s one that Sony has just hit with the PS4.

But it’s also important for another reason: it means the PS4 has now outsold the SNES too.

Released back in 1990, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System has sold just over 49 million units. That’s according to the consolidated figures Nintendo released in October, at any rate.

And that’s a great figure. It means the SNES is the 13th best selling console of all time. It was in the top 12, until it got knocked off by the PS4.

It’s a good indication of how this generation has gone. The PS4 launched in late November 2013, and had sold more than 40 million consoles by May this year. We don’t know precisely how well the Xbox One is doing – because Microsoft stopped releasing those figures – but three years in, the PS4 is one good year away from surpassing the 3DS.


  • This is always interesting to go over, does the PS4 get bundled in with telly’s like the PS3 did with (at the time) cutting edge Bravias?

    I think there was some way to discern what Microsoft was with-holding, something to do with sales figures of popular titles? The way EA/etc do their reporting, I think. Granted, it’s not precise, but it’s something.

    • Mate was super pissed he bought his Bravia just before that promotion. I’ve bought two, but I think I missed it too. Would have just traded it in though.

    • And does that include Pro sales? Because thats going to extend the life of this generation and inflate sales past what previous consoles could do and voids the comparison going forward.

  • Interesting factoid for everyone:

    In 1993 the worlds population was 5.5 billion peeps, this year it was 7.4 billion.
    People born in ’93 would also be 23 years old now.

    In otherwords… DAMN THE NEW PEEPS AND THEIR LOVE OF TECH. !!!! 🙂

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