First Look At A Nintendo Switch Game Cases In The Wild

This might just be a plastic box, but hey, I think game cases are interesting. Perhaps you do, too.

[Images: Gaijinhunter]

Via Twitter user Gaijinhunter, here is our first look at the Japanese retail container for Switch games.

They do look like PSP game boxes! Let's see how they compare.

Have a look at more cases below:

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    They look nice, but I feel really good about my decision to cancel my preorder.

    I love that they are smaller than DVD cases. Things are too damn chunky.

    I really hope that we get logos down the spines though, and not just plaintext. Always hated how some games would do that and some wouldn't, makes it so much easier to identify things on the shelf at a glance when you have colours and shapes to work with instead of a sea of monochrome text to read through.

    Not a huge fan of the styling of the boxes though, with just that small red square in the corner. The last couple of generations of console and handheld have had very distinctive styling with their strips across the top or side of the box, this one just feels lacking in comparison.

    Also that Bomberman art is rad.

    Boxes look nice. The switch logo in the left hand corner on the front is unobtrusive, and I also like that artwork continues inside of the box.

    Kinda looks like they are recycling old PSP cases

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