NVIDIA's GeForce Now Will Let You Stream PC Games

NVIDIA, picking up on the reality that most PC users don't have the absolute latest in tech, have announced at CES a revamp of their Geforce Now service, which will let anyone with a PC or Mac stream games from "a Pascal PC in the cloud" (Pascal is the name given to the technology found on graphics cards like the Titan).

Geforce Now, which launched in 2015, was previously only available for the company's Shield devices, and only supported a handful of titles. This new service looks much more ambitious.

NVIDIA says "GeForce NOW is basically a GeForce gaming PC on-demand", and the service will enter early access in March.

This is a list of games shown during the conference. Of course, it won't be free. There's a subscription that will cost you $US25 ($34) for 20 hours of gameplay.

You've got to wonder how NVIDIA is going to make this work when so many other companies have come and gone in the online streaming space.

The service was announced alongside the reveal of a new Nvidia Shield unit, which looks a lot like the last Nvidia Shield, only this one can do 4K. It will be $US199 ($274), and will be out later in January.


    cool, is this different to GRID?
    iv been streaming games from my pc to rpi using grid for a while now

    Im pretty well off.... got a house and computer setup in WA.... even I cant afford 25 dollars (30 australian) for 20hours gaming, some games i play for +300 hours.

    ill pay 100-120 aus for a game that lasts 100+ hours, vary rarely, not $150
    most games i buy are 60 or less

    Last edited 05/01/17 3:41 pm

      Actually, for some SP titles is a very good deal, provided they keep it up-to-date with new releases. Take Wolfenstien: TNO, Doom, Titanfall 2, games like that - you can get through the SP campaigns for these games in, what, 10 hours? 20? For $34, that's a pretty sweet deal, even ignoring the fact that you can avoid buying a gaming PC altogether (which would be great for those that want to kick back with a game for a weekend but don't have a gaming rig to do it on).

      Sure, for competitive online games or open-world type games like The Witcher or Fallout 4 it's not good value for money, but there's definitely alot of potential there.

      Last edited 05/01/17 4:32 pm

        I do like how I got 10 hours of BF1 for 6 dollars that was good

        willing to go a bit higher than that... however I dont like the big jump

        (excluding 90s timezone games hey those were the days =) )

          I reckon it would be worth it if you really wanted to play BF1 but didn't have your own gaming pc

    Can't wait for Australia to never get this service due to our terrible internet infrastructure.

      Was starting to wonder where the requisite knocks on our Internet were!
      Surely you'd need some crazy bandwidth for it not to be laggy as hell?

        Twas yet another I don't have it so no one else is allowed.

    Why does this remind me so much of the long gone On Live?

    Yeah, this won't be a thing in Australia for a while. Although maybe NBN can handle it? Hmm.

    Called it months ago, but still gunna say it - the Switch is going to have this built in.

      The NBN will be able to handle it only if there are Australian servers otherwise the latency from the US will still pose a problem.

    You've got to wonder how NVIDIA is going to make this work when so many other companies have come and gone in the online streaming space.I still see announcements for games coming to Playstation Now so obviously someone is doing something right.

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