Nintendo Demos The Switch Controllers

The Nintendo Switch comes with two controllers, called Joycons. Here's a demo of how they work.


    As another commenter said, I reckon they'd be great for VR controllers.

      The problem is that in VR you would generally want them to track your hand positions 1:1, and without some external frame of reference they'd be relying on dead reckoning with the motion sensors. Which works fine enough for rotation (though drift does accumulate over time), but for translational movement the errors accumulate incredibly fast so you need some kind of system that can provide constant corrections.

      They'd be great for regular games in VR though, where you don't need hand tracking.

        This. I made a motion controller game that used PS Move controllers and accounting for drift was a real pain in the but since we couldn't use a camera. Basically worked around it by having short play sessions and recalibrating the controls every round or two.

    I am totally surprised by that IR motion camera. Thought from the rumours of there being an IR thing at the bottom of the controller that it was nonsense, and if anything would just be an IR blaster like the Wii U had. Definitely didn't think it was anything like this.

    Wonder how it'll be used though, if anything. Pretty awkward position. Also wondering whether it's part of the Pro controller.

    Can't wait for Cocktail: The Game! Hope they can get Tom Cruise to be in it!

    Will wait for review. Lately been disappointed with Nintendo's recent consoles/games

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