Nintendo Switch Is Getting NES Controllers

Nintendo Switch Is Getting NES Controllers

To coincide with the release of NES games on the Switch as part of its online subscription service, Nintendo is releasing retro-replicas of the original NES controllers on September 18.

They’ll come in packs of two, including both a right and left controller, for $US60 (local pricing not available at the time of writing).

They charge by being placed on either side of the Switch, just like the Joy-Con currently do, and will similarly work wirelessly. Japan, meanwhile, will be getting Famicon-styled ones. 


The controllers will make it easier to play the 20 NES games coming to the system next week as part of the $US4 ($6) a month online subscription service.

They can be played locally and online with other people using the Joy-Con, but the original formfactor will no doubt feel and work a lot better with them.

We also no know that the starting library of NES games will also include third-party stuff like Double Dragon, Gradius, and River City Ransom.


  • I’m having flashbacks to my childhood. The way the hard plastic of the controllers would start to cut into your hands after awhile…. good times.

  • The interesting thing about the original NES controllers is that they are terrible.

    I feel like there will be a lot of people whose nostalgia wont include this fact.

  • Can’t Nintendo just make a new console and concentrate on making new games for it without everyone asking whether they can play every old system on it? I know everyone likes retro gaming and nostalgia (me included, very much so) but they need to draw the line somewhere and say “if you wanna play old games go buy a wii/wiiu/nes mini/snes mini”

    • But telling consumers to buy products they no longer produce wouldn’t make them any money. May as well tap the market.

  • Come on Nintendo!
    You can’t be taking Nintendo eshop funds from us just to sign up as a Nintendo Switch Online Service member and then the next thing you say is online play will no longer be available for free after the Nintendo Switch Online Service is launched.
    Stop ripping us off Nintendo if you don’t have anything to say shut your mouth.
    Your Nintendo Switch Online Service membership is garbage and so is your smartphone app it’s trash as well.
    Show some respect for your Nintendo Switch Online Service membership Nintendo otherwise you can just get out of my sight.
    Have you lost your goddamn mind Nintendo?!
    Show some goddamn respect Nintendo.

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