Overwatch Cosplayer Donates Hair For A Good Cause 

After growing out her hair for three years, cosplayer Pion Kim decided to have her head shaved for a Sombra cosplay. However, she put those discarded locks to good use.

{image: Pion Kim | Facebook]

On her Naver blog (via tipster Sang), Pion gave a behind-the-scenes look at the cosplay. 

[Images via Naver]

[Images via Naver]

Even the official Blizzard Sombra cosplay didn't involve clippers! 

{image: Pion Kim | Facebook]

{image: Pion Kim | Facebook]

{image: Pion Kim | Facebook]

After she got her haircut, however, she sent her hair off to children's cancer foundation for the hair to be used to make wigs.

Very thoughtful of her. 

You can see more on Pion Kim's Facebook page. 


    I was actually expecting the hair becoming part of someone else's costume, but I'm delightfully disappointed.

      I was expecting more hair to come off. Surely they can't make much of a wig with just that >_>

        It will be joined up with other peoples hair, obviously washed and all the rest. This is also for kids remember, they have small heads haha

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