Surprise! Super Mario Kart on the SNES was pretty easy to spot. Ten minutes all up: good job Talicca.

But today needs to be a fraction harder. There's a public holiday coming up and all. So let's make this interesting for everyone - there's a hint after the jump.

There's so many retro games to scribble. Honestly it gets a little daunting. I know that sometimes I say ScribbleTaku is the best part of the job. Although I suppose you just want to provide a fun challenge while drawing something people recognise.

Now I'm being a little cheeky. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo all have plenty of great games to pick from. But Occasionally things need to be a touch trickier, or a little more extravagant. Go on, then! Astound me with your detective skills. Massacre the mystery of the scribble. Set an example.

Good luck! :)


    Would this be a dreamcast title then Alex, if the big three are sort of excluded?

    Surprise! Super Mario Kart on the SNES was pretty easy to spot


    [Proceeds to bang head against wall]


    Ticket to Ride
    That is Dallas to New Orleans :P

    Last edited 25/01/17 2:22 pm

    So I'm not quite sure why, but this makes me think of XGRA on the Playstation 2.

    Based on nothing but a tenuous and overthought linking to clues, is it D?

    It was originally released on 3DO and Sega Saturn, both expensive ("extravagant" you could say) consoles that aren't the usual suspects. The plot is about murder and "massacre" and involves puzzle solving ("mystery"), requiring "detective" skills. There were also several examples it set being one of the best selling 3DO games and one of the best horror games of its time before being superseded by Resident Evil.

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