Someone's Mashing Portal 2 With SUPERHOT

Image: WhyNott

When you think about it, uploading your core to GLaDOS sounds like an awful lot of fun.

It's one of the many entries for the SUPERHOT modding competition. It's a clear mix-up of games though: SUPERHOT's time-stopping ways actually lends itself well to the planning and positioning of portals, and the nefariousness of GlaDOS and her test chambers sits along nicely in a world where Chell has been placed into a relaxation chamber until the end of time.

WhyNott, creator of the mod, wrote on the ModDB page that it was also pretty simple to mimic the violence from SUPERHOT with Portal's sentry turrets. "Enemies are definitely not a problem here," they wrote. "It's a little different on player's side, but not by a large margin."

"Generally, with a good aim and a bit of time to think strategically, portal gun can be as devastating of a weapon as any other. Couple this with the trademark ability to move quickly over large distances, and you'll find the stakes to be evened out somewhat."

Using the voice over lines from GlaDOS and the turrets in between transitions is really effective, too.

Things have still got a little way to go, but the creator is hoping to have a few playable levels, complete with SUPERHOT-style transmissions, out next month. You can keep track of development over at ModDB. It'll be fun to return to Portal 2 when the puzzles are a touch more lethal. No wonder on what role the Companion Cube might play, though.


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