That Time Australia Won A Real Life Game Of Rocket League

I had no idea this existed. It's amazing.

This might be old news to some, but Top Gear has been playing real-life Rocket League since well before the release of Rocket League last year. As far back as 2008 (at least) the Top Gear team had been using its astronomical production budget to make cars play football. Regardless of what you think about Top Gear, that's pretty goddamn badass.

But in 2014, almost exactly one year before the release of Rocket League, this happened.

A match between the English presenters of Top Gear and the presenters of the ill-fated Top Gear Australia show.

It's amazing.

Today, post Rocket League, it's absolutely insane to watch. Mainly because so many of the tactics we've been using in a video game seem to be effective in real life.

Like this save:

Or the crazy dribbling we're saying players do now:

Either way, in the context of what we know now, watching this video is just a completely different experience.


    Top Gear was great, just went out and did whatever they felt seemed like a good idea at the time, probably the majority of ideas drummed up over a few pints down the local. The less said about the Aussie Top Gear the better though


    I have never played this. I don't know how it would have worked/been any good though.

      Damn, I wanted to respond with a clip of the soccer mode from Buck Bumble but a cursory youtube search didn't come up with anything.

    Nice Shot!
    Nice Shot!
    What a save!
    What a save!

    I saw that top gear show live, hilarous stuff. It's the only thing the Robin Reliant is actually good for...

    If this is the only thing you've seen from Top Gear, then know that there is a gigantic untapped seam of hare-brained awesomeness waiting to be discovered. Shit, car soccer barely scratches the surface of what they did. There's a reason millions of us were so distraught when we found out that Clarkson-era TG was over.

    yeah they let the Aussies win at all the live shows...

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