The Big Question: Breakfast

The Big Question: Breakfast

So right now I’m sitting in the middle of a cafe, having just enjoyed what is my go-to international breakfast: oatmeal. I’m a little wary of overeating and indulging when I go overseas, especially in the United States, so I try and make a habit of making breakfast as light as humanly possible.

But it got me thinking – what do you all have for breakfast on a regular basis?

Over the last year patterns have started to emerge for me. A weekend breakfast might be a piece of toast with a bit of aioli, smoked salmon or a fried bit of bacon with an egg on top. During the week, it’ll either be nothing at all, a smoothie or perhaps a bit of yoghurt.

I got into a habit over several years of not having any breakfast. I used to work midnight shifts, and “breakfast” was effectively the meal I’d end up having before going to bed. If I ate breakfast, I wouldn’t sleep, and sleeping during the day was a pain enough as-is, so I just skipped it altogether. (The first meal of the day I’d end up having would be dinner, but it all shook out well enough eventually.)

How do you start your day?


  • Usually eggs with mushrooms and baby spinach followed by an apple later. That’s my general go to breakfast but I’ll often mix it up depending how I’m feeling.

  • Over the past year I’ve been hitting the gym 4-6 times a week and have restricted my weekday breakfast to 3 boiled eggs with soy sauce, no yolks, and a cup of coffee. Weekends I might have some fruit or yoghurt on top of that our might have something naughtier like scrambled eggs on toast, noodles or dinner leftovers.

  • Varies depending on what I have and my mood.

    Often cereal and coffee. Sometimes with Vegemite on toast.

    Other times, it’s a bagel and coffee or (if I have the ingredients) a ham and cheese croissant with espresso.

  • Big bowl of porridge and/or muesli with assorted stuff and yoghurt, and a glass of orange juice. Then usually I don’t bother having lunch, or just have something small to tide me over to dinner.

  • Lately it’s been oats with ground linseed and greek yogurt, mixed berries and some sweetener. But I’ve just graduated from finishing 3 rounds of P90, now starting on P90x, I’ve only done 2 days and I’m feeling it. Going to up my protein, possibly start first thing in the morning with a protein shake, some eggs and some sort of lean meat. Oh and coffee, must not forget coffee!

  • “1 sausage egg Mcmuffin”. First thing I thought of when you asked about brekky, good old big daddy.

  • I’ve been eating Just Right cereal for breakfast for… I don’t know. 15 or 20 years? And I’m only 30. 🙂
    I’ll occasionally mix it up a bit, but usually it’s a quick, simple, tasty enough meal that I can get out of the way in a few minutes – and leaves minimal washing up!

  • Either milo or crunchy nut cereals and an apple about an hour later. Sometimes 2 sausage muffins from macca’s (i dont eat chicken periods. Yes as an ingredient in cakes or whatevs, but i hate eggs as a meal). With a fresh apple, pineapple n ginger juice. Cant drink coffee sadly, so an energy drink after brekkie on the way to work.
    A workmate of mine insists that breakfast bloats him too much (we have quite a physical job) then is knackered by 11am. I only figured how vital brekkie is about a decade ago myself. Now i’ll shank someone (figuratively) if i haven’t eaten by 9am.

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