The Fire Emblem Heroes Fan Vote Could Be Going Better

Now through January 31, Fire Emblem fans are voting to see which hero and heroine from across series history will be featured in the upcoming mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes. As of yesterday, Ike and Lyn were winning. Surely we can do better than that.

Maybe the right people aren't voting. Maybe they're put off by the idea of a free-to-play mobile tactics game for iOS and Android. That's no reason not to head over to Nintendo's voting page and wave your Chrom and Lucina flag.

Mind you I am not saying Chrom and Lucina should win. I would also be happy if both male and female forms of Robin topped the vote. Or maybe Chrom and Lucina. All I am saying is Ike, who is in the rankings twice for both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, is a boring choice that makes me sad.

Here are the current standings of the Choose Your Legends vote, tweeted out yesterday by Nintendo of America.

Suck it, male Corrin.

According to Nintendo the standings are quite close, so it's still anybody's game. And considering the whole point of Fire Emblem Heroes is to bring together characters from across the entire series, building an all-star army to battle evil, eventually it will be everybody's game.

But voting is fun, and everybody who votes gets 200 Platinum Points in their My Nintendo account and mobile wallpaper featuring the winning characters once the game launches on iOS and Android on February 2. No one wants Ike wallpaper, do they?

Which two characters would you like to see win this thing, other than Chrom and Lucina? Don't say Ike.


    I need to go vote for Dorcas

      Let's do this! Voted Dorcas. He was awesome, it was him or Dart for me.

    "The main character from two of the most highly fan-regarded games in the series is winning but I'm whining because I want more one-dimensional anime-trope fanservice characters from amongst the worst entries of the series to win instead."

    Good job.
    Ike is boring, bah, and then you go and praise Awakening and Fates, that absolutely just blows my mind with how illogical that remark is.

    Owain surely. Also, I'm surprised that Tharja is not winning.

    Ike FTW. what a legend.
    note: bell-end has first comment.

    Voted for Niles, we need more diversity on that list!

    I think you're seriously underestimating how many old school fire emblem fans their are man. Radiant Dawn is my favourite game of all time - I'd go Ike over chrome and robin any day!

    You've convinced me though. I'm going over to vote now. For Ike.

      yas! Chrom and Robin are so overated. even Roy is better than those two.

    Not sure why this is an issue? The older fans are obviously putting up slightly more of a vote, and to be fair thats surprising. Thought this would be just an awakening vote fest. Lyn was a good female lead, should be in the top 3.

    Whoever did the coding for that site did an awful job. There's no way to find the actual characters you want to vote for.

    I've been voting for Elincia and Soren, but alas they are not showing up at all (though I'm not surprised!)

    good to see the link to the vote page has Horace already picked so anyone who clicks it automatically votes for Horace. well done Fahey

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