A Very Pretty Cyberpunk Video Game

We wrote about The Last Night back in 2014, when it was a very small but good-looking cyberpunk game. Now, in 2017, it's back, and is looking incredible.

Odd Tales have been working on the "proper" version of the game for three years now, and are trying to really nail the kind of cinematic platforming action that made games like Another World and Flashback so great.

Visually, at least, they are 100% there. This looks great.

Raw Fury will be publishing The Last Night, and you can read a bit more about it here.


    Would it kill you to mention which platforms it's coming to within the article Luke?

    (Unspecified consoles, PC, Mac in case anyone else is wondering)

      Thanks. I appreciated it. It does look very nice doesn’t it

      So under the "PC" platform, assuming Linux and Windows are supported operating systems [why not BSD, too?].

      *I realise the platform listing is from the developers, not you, but the general term of "PC" really irks me.

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